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    Work and travel
    6th July 2015

    Working in the South of Europe for clients in the North seems like the best reward for a designer ever! Sophistication inside and the good weather outside. Best of both worlds!

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    I'm proud to announce that the company IMAGINE has asked me as external creative designer for an entirely new and ambitious project. Their mission is to turn funeral homes into stylish, serene chambers. A re-branding of the funeral business! The French firm SCCR (La société Creusoise de Construction et Rénovation) will take care of the perfect execution of the project. Thus, relatives can say goodbye in a dignified way.

    Immaculately white, in the middle of a forest or copper red tinted; these rooms radiate serenity and class with modern furnishings, passing clouds and light projections. Saying goodbye to a loved one is a necessary thing in our lives, but IMAGINE will soften the blow. Undertakers are already doing this. They try to make the grief of losing a loved bearable with personalized music, makeup, soft lighting and a respectful service. But what they often do not question is the interior of a funeral home, which still leaves an impression on all the relatives. Too often our loved ones are laid out in dark back rooms to the undertaker. Aren't relatives supposed to have a nice last memory of this?

    With stylish mourning rooms, IMAGINE innovates the funeral sector with necessary integrity. We've made five sample rooms. The room MOZAIQUE has a copper red color and a mosaic decor. In CIEL, a beautiful heavenly universe with clouds is applied with canvases. In FORET you seem to stand in the middle of a forest. The room BLANC is very modern with a peaceful, immaculately white interior. More traditional is the room BOIS, an austere room with dark wooden color. In addition, IMAGINE also offers music and religious symbols on the walls with light projections, you can change or omit this if you will.

    In November, IMAGINE was already on Funexpo, the international funeral trade show in Lyon. We have received great compliments of people saying we were the first company that has dared to take this step with such commitment. 

    What do you think of this concept? 

  • Original and durable idea for very atmospheric light
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    Great idea for creating atmospheric or functional light!